When Divorce Happens

Troubled adults struggle with their negative emotions. It's that voice of doubt, fear and worry that adds fuel to . Read More

Divorce concept

Troubled relationships can cause many emotions and stress factors that can ultimately affect your health. Read More

From Wedding Cake to Divorce

Troubled marriages produce a bi-product called TENSION. It's this constant tension that creates... Read More

If A Man Just wants to be friends image

If you feel any kind of resentment towards your spouse, you might be thinking, “Why should *I* meet his/her expectations when s/he is not meeting MINE!?!" Read More

Stop Pretending- Woman Image- Text

You can lessen the length of your spouses' midlife crisis and protect your kids from the harmful effects of your spouses' behavior. Read More

A word cloud concept in red caps around the word Stress with great terms such as pressure, deadlines, family, duties, tension, change and more.

I don’t know a thing about you, but I’m willing to bet that you’re worried about the effects of divorce on   Read More


The Conflicts of Life is a faith based non profit & radio show hosted by Patrick Murphy. They take on the issues that truly affect ones heart and family. The overachieving goal is to assist families in dealing with issues in their lives that are causing them conflict, so that they are able to maintain stable, productive lives with their families.

"Before Your Conflicts Have Everyone Talking
About You” 

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